My name is Jesty from Holy Mattress Money. This is a project that I started after I asked myself a simple question: 

"How do you want to be remembered?" 

It's a deep question,  but after my best friend suddenly passed away from cancer -- Something clicked. 

I don't want my music to just be a bunch of files on a laptop -- or a bunch of voice memos in a phone that no one knows the passcode to. 

I want to share my music with the world and I want to be around to see people enjoy it.

Clemont - Sunset

ft. Holy mattress money

This track is a slow-burn that starts with pensive jazz chords and soothing vocals. The beat gives it a sultry feel, creating a sonic tapestry that vibes perfectly with the title.  

Selected Tracks

Two years ago, with the help of some incredible singers and musicians, I started releasing songs every Monday. 

I thought it'd be interesting to write from different perspectives and feature different performers on the songs. I think that makes us unique and allows us to break every "rule" that we've been "encouraged" to follow.

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